dear arizona,

i miss your open spaces.  yards and roads and hiking trails.  i miss the quiet and the dark, starry nights.  the dollops of culture and the best tacos known to man.  i miss your pace.  having a car and driving on the open highway to nowhere.  making something out of nothing and begging people to understand my weirdness.

see, out here in new york, i’m fully understood.  my work ethic is like that of many others.  i’m in a space and a place where my contributions are appreciated.  it wasn’t like that when i was with you, arizona.  to be fair, sometimes it was.  but mostly, people were looking for a way to destroy me.  here, they search for ways to celebrate my uniqueness.  for the first time, i have value that was not truly recognized before.

it would take a book to explain the trials and tribulations i endured in arizona.  all of the odd parts about me were crucified.  i was labeled many terrible things from a wigga to a dyke, all in public forums, including local newspapers.  my willing differentiation from the norm was a threat, and i was constantly railroaded into assimilation. 

i refused.

at the end of it all, i thank you, arizona.  for your spacious lawns and your quiet nights.  but mostly, i thank you for putting me through the hell it took to get me here. 

tonight, i fall asleep in brooklyn, new york.  had it not been for you, i’d have never been tough enough for this life.  i survived the professional witch hunts, the slander, the excessive prying into who i might or might not be fucking, the haters and beyond, all in order to live in the best city in america.

essentially, i couldn’t have done it without you.  and i say that with the fondest of sentiment.  you were necessary to my evolution.  and i’ll always love you for that.

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